Port Arthur Villas - Premium Self Contained Apartments.
Port Arthur Villas was originally built in the late 80's, targeting the holiday market out of Hobart and the growing focus onto the Port Arthur Penal site. 
As the Port Arthur site was developed by the Australian Government, there was an increasing focus onto this area by mainland Australians, balancing the reduction in local holiday makers to the area. Awarded 4 Star by the Australian Auto Associations, they are premium quality apartments.
Port Arthur Villas - Garden View
Recent History
Over the last 5 years, there has been a greater focus on the development in the Port Arthur area, developing the Port Arthur World Heritage Penal Site and World Famous 3 Capes Track. With the development of the Federal Hotels new site and the closure of the Port Arthur Inn, we are set to assist the continued focus of International and National visitors, especially the Bus Tour Market, to this important area of Australia's history. 
The Future
$8 Million Expansion
Port Arthur Villas has started a major expansion for new product aimed at Bus Tours, Backpacker and family apartments.
Along with a range of activities like expanded playground, Massage and wellness centre, the focus is to expand the product and experiences to launch the Port Arthur Resort. 
We are awaiting determination of the Tasman Peninsular. 
Port Arthur Trail
While developing a range of new product and experiences at Port Arthur Villas, Tony had a number of conversations with Travel Agents looking for a package of experiences into the Port Arthur region. He developed a package called Port Arthur Trails. 
This is a trail of activities and experiences, travelling from Hobart to Port Arthur and return. 
New Training Programs
As a Aussie Host Trainer and a business coach and speaker across 24 countries around the world, Tony has seen the benefit of quality targeted coaching for team members. Port Arthur Villas will be assisting not only their team members, but also others in the community at Port Arthur to focus on the experiences for visitors to our part of Tasmania.
Deb Patrick
Marketing and Operation Support
As the previous manager of the Cosy Cabins Package Booking System and recently the operator of Strahan Backpackers and Exec Officer of Backpacker Operators Network, Deb is a tourism leader in Tasmania. Working to develop the new team in Service and Product Development. 
Deb Patrick
Tony Park
Marketing and Development Manager
International Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur - developing many business and not for profit organisations. A PHD Candidate at UTas, Tony has been recognised for his contribution to Tourism in Tasmania and now managing the new $8 Million development. 
Tony Park
In The News
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