Your Life
Read from over 40 of the leading business development and lifestyle coaches from around the world. A quality hard copy book, co-authored with the International best selling author Brian Tracy, the leading international business guru. 
In this book you will start to recognise and understand how the development of Business Tribes, can turbo charge your business or organisation, for profit. 

Consumer Tribes

 How you can develop a long term sustainable business by developing your consumer tribes, romancing them for greater profit.

Employee Tribes

Developing not just teams, but effective employee tribes to work with you to develop your business, organisation and your lives together. 

Supplier Tribes

Reducing costs from your supplier tribes by making more money for them and turbocharged profit for you and your organisations. 

Family Tribes

Developing life goals and focus to develop your life road map by understanding the challenges of Family Tribes.

You As A Tribe

Your body is a tribe, physical and mental, all coming together to make the future you want. You have the choice on how to handle your physical and mental future. 

Multi Level Tribe

What makes Business Tribes different, is how we investigate the Tribes of your Tribes, how you can create advocates for your business. 
Using the 5 step plan to Ignite Your Life, 
in your business or organisation, 
to recognise and develop your Business Tribes.
Understand Your Tribes.
Engage With Your Tribes.
Maintain Your Tribes.
Make Money From Your Tribes.
TurboCharge Your Tribes.

What People Are Saying
“The use of networking and tribes are critical in the formation and engagement of the political process. Tony is well placed to illustrate these concepts in this new book on Business Tribes.”

Hodgman Will

Premier of Tasmania
Will Hodgman
“I have known Tony for many years and I have seen how he has used these concepts of Business Tribes to develop his business, communities and his life.”

Sue Hickey

Lord Mayor of Hobart
Sue Hickey
“For over 30 years I have seen Tony develop and use these concepts to help young people change countries, all over the world.”  

Bill Potter

Bill Potter
Ignite Your Life
About the Author
Tony Park 
International Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Mentor, Tony has developed over $50 million in businesses across 5 different business sectors along with many not for profit and membership organisations in 27 countries across the world. 
 Logistics, Construction, Retail, Aged Care and Tourism, were all businesses that were developed by Tony, all based on the foundations of developing Business Tribes. Recently completing a MBA(Marketing) and a number of Post Grad Certificates in Research, Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation , Tony is now a PHD candidate at the University of Tasmania, studying Guanxi (Chinese person to person networking)

Developing a number of online assets to assist your business to grow and organisations to develop. 
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