"Your either work to create your goals, or you work for someone else!" - Brian Tracy
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 Ignite Your Life with Business Tribes 
by Tony Park
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Tony Park is co-authoring a new book with the award winning author and business coach Brian Tracy - "Ignite Your Life"
Tony's book will teach you 5 steps to turbocharge your networks.
Understanding that your world is made up of intersecting circles of influence and influencers, can turbo charge  your business or organisation. Tony Park can show you the 5 steps for free.
Tony's 5 Most Important steps:
  • How to Recognise your Tribes - Family Tribes, Friends Tribes, Supplier Tribes, Employee Tribes, Alumni Tribes etc...
  • How you can Engage the myriad of Tribes and Tribal members that can influence your business or organisation.
  • How you can Maintain your Tribes for a sustainable business or organisation.
  • How to use the influence of your Tribes to create profit or membership in your business or organisation
  • Using the power of Tribes - Turbocharge your business or Organisation for profit.
Originally published in May 2016 and already a best seller through Amazon.
About The Author
Tony Park
Tony Park, author, mentor, coach, entrepreneur and academic, has been a leader in communities and business for over 40 years all around the world. Winner of international national and local business awards, Tony has had experience developing 8 figure turnover businesses, in sectors of Tourism, Construction, Aged Care, Logistics and Agriculture. Adviser to business, communities and Governments all over the world.
Tony is a speaker and coach across 23 countries around the World, developing ideas and programs that will assist you to turbo charge your circle of influence. Ideal not just for business, also for membership organisations, community groups and an understanding of your personal life.
  • These simple but effective concepts would assist anyone in business or involved in a community organisation. 
    Sue Hickey - Entrepreneur 
  • Tony Park has used these concepts to develop businesses and help the community in Tasmania over many years. 
    Will Hodgman - Premier of Tasmania
  • As an Old Boy of the Hutchins School, Tony is working with the Alumni to develop programs to allow the school engage our Alumni more effectively 
    Warwick Dean Headmaster of the Hutchins School
  • We are using these concepts to develop a $ 15 million dollar business across 3 continents in tourism. Simple but effective. 
    Deb Patrick - CEO Cosy Cabins Pty Ltd
  • What great ideas - so much common sense and simple ideas that would enhance any business or organisation.  Bill Potter - Futurist Du-It Group
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