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"Proof That 'Business Tribes' has developed business and organisations, all over the world.
From: Tony Park
Tasmania, Australia

I have used these concepts for over 40 years in business, developing many businesses from greenfield startups, to be leaders in their field in Australia and in the world. 

Sectors included ; Logistics, Agriculture (Viticulture), Retail, Rental (Truck), Construction, Tourism, Franchising, Business Brokering and Consulting. 

Business Tribes is not just for business
Business Tribes is not just to create and develop great business, I also have used it over the past 40 years to develop many Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisations all over the world.

The concepts are similar - understanding the members and potential members needs and wants, what do they want out of interaction with you and your organisation and how to build long term relationships.

Profit is a little different : not just more membership fees or sponsorship but 
  • Membership : Members will be easier to gain - and will stay as members a lot longer - reducing the membership churn.
  • Increase influence not just with members, but with the whole community as you create positive change to where they want to go.
  • Influencers, sponsors and supporters will see you as an important asset of the community and will ensure you are successful.
Hall of Fame Gallery
Business I have owned and operated
  • Parkco Transport: Logistics, Transport
  •  Caravan City: New and PreOwned caravans
  •  U Drive Truck Rentals:  Rental of Trucks and Trailers
  •  Richmond Park Vineyard: Award winning vineyard
  •  Park Homes: Manufactured homes, granny units
  •  Cosy Cabins: Cabin and Caravan parks, booking systems
  •  PODS:  Steel framed multi-use pods
  •  Tony's Tent Centre:  Retail of camping equipment
  •  Geilston Bay Lifestyle Village: Over 55 Village.
  •  Business Tribes: Online businesses.
  •  BIG4 Holiday Parks: Caravan Park Franchising
  •  Port Arthur Villas: Motel development
  •  Tasmanian Lifestyle Realty: Real Estate company
  •  Books and Such: Tools for Authors
  •  CRE Business Brokers: Business Broker
  •  Anymate Video ; Video Production 
  •  Business Gardener : Helping businesses to grow.
  •  Software Development : Online booking and other software
  •  ClickFunnels : Development of Funnels and marketing
  •  University: Academia research and learning.
  •  Membership Groups: Memberships sites for others. 
Organisations I have been a leader
  • Scouts: 30 years as a members, leader and State Vice President
  •  Rural Youth: President Hobart Club
  •  Young Liberals: President Hobart Branch
  •  Junior Chamber of Commerce: World Vice President
  •  Chamber of Commerce
  •  Tourism Council: Director and Chairman Accreditation Board.
  •  Aust. Institute of Management: Fellow and State Director
  •  Aust Marketing Institute: Fellow CPA and State Committee
  •  World Heritage Advisory Committee: Member representing Tourism. 
  •  Skills and Learning Board: Member representing business in Tasmania
  •  Wine South: President
  •  Caravan Industry Australia: State Chairman and National Director
  •  Housing Industry Australia: Member Residential committee
  •  Master Builders Association: Member of Residential committee
  •  JCI - ASPAC Senate: Director for 12 years, representing Australia
  •  Hutchins Old Boys: President for 3 years
  •  Cosy Cabin Foundation: Over $1 million for various organisations
  •  Arthur Park Foundation: Raised funds for Jack Jumper Research
  •  Australian Institute of Company Directors: Fellow.
  •  Property Council: Vice President
As Sir Winston Churchill once said:

To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour. 
Your message matters, and this is your figurative tap on the shoulder.
Business Tribes Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is... Are YOU Next?"
If You're Sick And Tired Of All The Hype, Scams And Claims You See online Lately, Then Read These Amazing Testimonials From Real People...
Hon Will Hodgman
Premier of Tasmania
Will Hodgeman
‘The use of networking and tribes are critical in the formation and engagement of the political process. Tony is well placed to illustrate these concepts in this new book on business tribes.’
Hon Will Hodgman – Premier of Tasmania

Sue Hickey
Lord Mayor of Hobart
‘I have known Tony for many years and I have seen how he has used these concepts of business tribes to develop his business, communities and his life.’

Sue Hickey – Lord Mayor of Hobart
‘Tony Park has always been a business pioneer, one with endless enthusiasm, entrepreneurial courage, a continuous pursuit of new opportunities, and an open willingness to share his learnings . No matter your business, business tribes are sure to make you a forerunner as well.’
Jim Rogers – Chairman KOA Kampgrounds of America
Jemal Inaishvili
President - Council of Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Will Hodgeman
‘Business tribes is a concept that spans cultures and races across the world. Tony should be congratulated on sharing his ideas to encourage goodwill across countries.’

Jemal Inaishvili – President Council of Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Simon Currant
Past Chairman Tourism Industry Council Tasmania
Simon Current
‘Tourism is an industry that uses networking or tribe development as its core. Tony has been a leader in this industry for many years and has assisted this sector to grow and develop.’
Simon Currant – Past Chairman Tourism Industry Council Tasmania
Warwick Dean
‘Tony has been an active member of the Hutchins Old Boy community for many years and the concepts of business tribes will help us to continue to develop our tribes… locally, nationally and internationally.’
Warwick Dean – Headmaster of the Hutchins School.
Gavin Farrell and 
Garry Hetherington
Past Chairman BIG4 Holiday Parks
Gavin Farrell
‘Tony was able to help BIG4 Holiday Parks to develop our franchise over many years, using the concepts of business tribes in his book.’

Gavin Farrell and Garry Hetherington – Past Chairmen BIG4 Holiday Parks
Bill Potter
Futurist (DU-IT)  - NZ
Bill Potter
‘For over 30 years I have seen Tony develop and use these concepts to help young people change countries all over the world.’

Bill Potter – Futurist (Du-It)
As You Can See...
Business Tribes Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
Even if you only get the free book, you will still get a bucket full of information, strategies and tried and true ACTION, that you can use to create, develop and maintain your business or organisation. 

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Then you use the ideas and step by step process to create and develop your business or organisation.
  • Understand what a Business Tribe is, while in general there are no new ideas, its how you understand those ideas and have a plan to put them into action is the difference. Not just words but proven action steps. 
  • Create your tribes, Once you understand what a business tribe is, you will start to see them all around you. There are proven strategies to identify and engage with them, so you can increase sales and decrease costs. 
  • Maintain your tribes. Once you have them, you need to keep them. If you don't, they will drift away and you will revert back to hope selling
  • Monetise your Tribes. With these ideas I created $54 million in businesses, its not just words but making REAL money. 
  • Turbocharge your business. The ultimate 'secret' ....
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Tony Park
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People don't care how much you know - until they know how much you care. 
Business Tribes can help you to show you care!

Tony Park
P.S. I am not all talk - I have used these concepts to build over $54 MIllion in businesses and organisations all over the world. 

Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author, Mentor and Academic, I have coached individuals and organisations in 25 countries to understand and use Business Tribes in their businesses and organisations - are you next?

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