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About Port Arthur Villas
Port Arthur Villas is more than just a premium Accommodation location in Port Arthur Tasmania, Its a leader in presenting a new history, fine food and scenery experience to the rest of the world.
Long been held as a secret to many, it is now being presented as a total package and experiences. 
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Written by Tony Park  on May 17th 2017
There is more to see and do in the Tasman Region of Tasmania than the World Heritage Site and the product is more than just a bed, say tourism industry leader Tony Park. The launch of the new Tasmanian trail has ...
Written by Tony Park on May 10th 2017
One of the first activities at the soon to be announced Port Arthur Resort has been launched. Massage after the Three Capes Track will be available, as wel as a full ZEN massage and therapy that will  ...
Written by Tony Park on May. 3rd 2017
The new $12 million expansion of the restaurant and public sales are has started and seems to be well on track. Due to open on December 21st, this new faciity will ...
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  • $12 Million Restaurant - New Site Development
  • New 4 1/2 Star Apartments - Leading development
  • And So Much More...
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